Here are just a few testimonials from our patients:

This guy is seriously the best at what he does. My husband had two torn rotator cuffs, one so bad that most would have thought it impossible to operate on. Dr. Weiss did just that and to perfection.

Dr. Weiss is a skilled surgeon. I broke my wrist badly mountain biking years ago, and he told me he could attempt to reset the bone manually (and avoid surgery). I saw the before and after x-ray pictures, and he completely nailed the manual procedure. The bone was perfectly reset and I was blown away. If you have a hand, arm, or shoulder injury, you simply must go to this guy.

All in all this was a very good experience and if I have to have this cyst surgically removed at some future time I will go there and have this practice take care if it. All of the staff is first rate and Doc Weiss, even though he personally didn't conduct the procedure, I was still impressed with his emotionally intelligent approach to a new patient.

He stays current with procedural and technological developments in his field, and does good work in other countries such as Haiti and Vietnam. He is efficient with his time and energy and he will continue to be the person I choose to treat any broken bones in my body or the bodies of any of my loved ones.

I've had two surgeries done by Dr. Weiss. I had a very difficult repair of the hamstring tendon that had torn away from my pelvis. He was honest about the difficult rehab. Today I have no problems with pain or walking. He set me up with a great group of physical therapist in the same building he is in. I would highly recommend Dr. Weiss to friends and family.

When my cousin twisted her leg at a soccer game, we went straight to Dr. Weiss. He was very helpful and you can tell he really knows his stuff. Turns out she needed surgery for a ligament repair. She never had surgery before and was a little apprehensive. Dr. Weiss was fantastic and fixed up her leg like new.

Being a college student who seldom goes to a specialized doctor, Dr. Weiss and his staff welcomed me and made me feel very comfortable. The assistant was very courteous asking me many questions about my medical history, which made me feel more at ease. Dr. Weiss spent a long time asking me about my recent physical activity, and explaining what exercises and care I should seek. I feel that Dr. Weiss was extremely knowledgeable and knew his stuff. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends. He's clear and concise and doesn't freak me out with huge terminology.

I had heard that Dr. Weiss was highly recommended by one of my co-workers, so I decided I would see him for a knee injury. I was so pleased with the treatment and felt like he truly cared about helping me! I will definitely see him again in the future for any injury!