Surgery Questions

How long is my surgical procedure and why do I need to be at the facility one or two hours prior to my surgery?

Every surgery is different depending on the procedure. It is necessary to arrive early due to paperwork that will need to be completed and the staff getting you comfortable and ready for your surgical procedure.

What is the difference between a general anesthesia and a MAC?

General anesthesia is when you are totally asleep. A MAC is when you are given a local anesthetic to the area and then a medication to make you feel drowsy, but you are not totally put to sleep.

Why can’t I eat or drink anything when I am receiving a MAC?

Even though you are not under a general, the anesthesiologist still requires you to have an empty stomach for a MAC procedure. The anesthesiologist is still present even when a MAC procedure is being performed.

Am I responsible for contacting my insurance company for benefits, eligibility and pre-certification?

No. Our office will make all the necessary insurance calls.

Am I able to drive home myself following the surgical procedure?

No. Whether you have general anesthesia or MAC, the facilities will not release you from that facility without a designated driver.

Surgery Coordinator
Laurie Ferro
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