As a young surgeon, I spent years training in emergency trauma care at a large medical center whose patient population was mostly poor, homeless and disenfranchised. Years of private practice had taken me away from that world. Working in Haiti brought me back to the roots of what I do, and why I do it.

The Hospital of Light

Cal Academy Produced this video featuring Dr. Weiss and other doctors returning from a trip to Haiti where the devastation continues.


For the past several years, I’ve gone to Vietnam to share Western surgical techniques with some of the warmest, most wonderful people I’ve had the privilege to know. The doctors I’ve trained are incredibly good with their hands and eager to learn, and the patients and their families are grateful for the services they receive. Everyone there has always made me feel so welcome.

Teaching Orthopaedic Surgery in Vietnam

Teaching Human Anatomy

Dr. Weiss is involved as an instructor in teaching Human Anatomy to students in the Bay Area.

Thank You Card Slide-Show